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This is the signage to remind drivers to stop. It helps to prevent an accident at an exit nearby.

商品コード:G-5090-Y/G(色 イエロー/グレー)

Product code:G-5029-Y/G(Color: Yellow/Grey)

サイズ:本体W510×H1,200×D340 単位:mm
Size:Body W510×H1,200×D340 Unit:mm
重 さ:5.5kg(水満量時50kg)
Weight:5.5kg (50kg with tankful water)

材 料:本体 ポリエチレン樹脂

    面版 PET(割れにくい樹脂)

Material:Body-Polyethylene resin

    Face plate-PET (Hard-to-crack resin)


本体      ¥39,900/台(税込¥43,092/台)

白無地面板    [上面板]¥1,200/枚(税込¥1,296/枚)


レギュラー面板  [下面板]¥2,100/枚(税込¥2,268/枚)

特注面板     [上面板]¥5,600/枚(税込¥6,048/枚)


Suggested retail price:

Body-39,900JPY/unit (45,092JPY/unit with tax)

White blank face plate (Upper face plate)-1,200JPY/pc(1,296JPY/pc with tax)

         (Lower face plate)-1,400JPY/pc (1,512JPY/pc with tax)

Regular face plate (Lower face plate)-2,100JPY/pc(2,268JPY/pc with tax)

Customer order plate (Upper face plate)-5,600JPY/pc(6,048JPY/pc with tax)

         (Lower face plate)-7,600JPY/pc(8,208JPY/pc with tax)






*Regular face plate:Limited design

 Refer to the catalogue below for detailed design information.

*The body and the face plate are sold separately. (The upper triangle plate for “Stop” comes with the body.)

*The price does not include the shipping cost.